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Ms. Havard
Ms. Havard

Agricultural Environmental Science Technology (AEST) is a two-year program where a student can gain two science and two elective credits. The Concepts of Agriscience is the first semester course that introduces students to all the aspects of Agriculture. The units covered are leadership, FFA (student organization), soil science, plant science, animal science, Ag mechanization, and Ag business. This is the entry level course for the following courses in the AEST program, which include Animal and Environmental Science.



This program shows an emphasis on an active learning environment including both technology and science based applications. This program includes hands-on learning involving animals, plants, soils, and shop work.  In the Animal science course, the students will learn how animal genetics and breeding affect animals today. We will have the opportunity to learn about animal care and maintenance by having them here at the school. Students will also learn how to evaluate an animal for proper conformation. In the Environmental Science course, the students will have the opportunity to learn about wildlife, forestry, soils, water quality, and natural resource maintenance. Student will be actively engaged in hands-on and project based learning.