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Congratulations Welding Students!!

These students earned NCCER Certifications in Welding Year 1.
We are so proud of you and your hard work!

Front Row (left to right): Alan Havard, Colby Strickland, Caleb May, Halien Fortenberry, Brooks Tomas-Vejar
Second Row (left to right): James Johnson, Caleb Leach, Preston Holmes, Nicholas Beatty
Third Row (left to right):Stephen Smith Timothy Norris, Walker Johnson, Waylon Crimm, D.J. Black
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Eli Cooper--MCEF Student of the Month

Eli Cooper, an Industrial Technology Student at the Forest-Scott County Career and Technology Center, has won the MCEF student of the month award. He was presented with the award at MCEF Banquet May 3rd. Eli is in Mr. Kyle Wolfe's class at the Forest-Scott County Career and Technology Center. He is the son of Renee Cooper, the HCCS instructor at the Forest-Scott County Career and Technology Center, and Heath Cooper, welder and plumber at Sebastopol Water and Gas. Congratulations Eli on this honor!
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April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness month. The Health Care & Clinical Services Class had a special guest speaker 4-22-19 to speak on Autism. Reese Gressett, the 7-year-old Granddaughter of Mrs. Cooper, spoke to all the HCCS students. She shared with the class many things from what stimming is and why she does it, she explained the Autism Spectrum and that 1 child out of every 59 born will be diagnosed with Autism. She also explained to the class what a medical alert bracelet is and why she wears one. Her Mother, Brandi Young, is her biggest advocate and they have embraced Autism together. Their mission is to be open about Reese's Autism to teach others about it.
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